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If you look behind the rosey headlines of "Zuckerberg donates 99% of worth to charity" you might realise that not everything is quite as it seems. In fact, this is possibly a distraction technique on par with Ocean's Eleven.

The shares are being moved from Mark Zuckerberg to Zuckerberg LLC; a Limited Liability Company owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In effect the money is moving from one pocket to another.

An LLC is not a charitable foundation, with all the rigour, oversight and strings-attached that this designation brings. Instead the money is going to a Limited Liability Company (LLC). One that is still owned by Zuckerberg himself. As an LLC it is free to invest in other 'for-profit' companies, hell even fund an election campaign if it so wishes.

If you're going to give to charity do it the right way.

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Jamie Akers

Lego Geek, QA Engineer and Tech Enthusiast

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