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Computers, computer software and process were ultimately designed with one goal - to make our lives easier. Initially in the form of simple adding machines, we now have software and systems allowing us to save time visiting the supermarket or trade shares from the comfort of a leather armchair. We have processes to guide us in everything from changing a tyre to software lifecycle management. This provides us with stability, repeatable steps and logic in an increasingly busy world.

So, why is it that we continue to tolerate sub-par software that actually makes our lives harder?

Why do we persevere with processes that don't provide stability, logic and deliver results?

People are afraid of change.

A business not changing is a business that is failing. Challenge every software product you use, develop or test to meet its goal of making someone's life easier. Fight every process that doesn't deliver stability, logic and deliver results to you. Be a facilitator of change, be Agile

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Jamie Akers

Lego Geek, QA Engineer and Tech Enthusiast

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