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So it turns out the Apple SuperDrive isn't actually all that super... the laser mechanism fails just as well as any non-Super drive. Once you've pulled the drive out of your Mac Pro you'll find it's most likely a Sony NEC Optiarc-AD7170A. So - how does this help you? Well - if you search for SuperDrive on Ebay expect to pay 25 pounds plus for a working model. Or, buy a AD7170A like I did for under ten pounds. Then, when it arrives simply open open the bottom (4 screws) pop out the circuit board and swap it. You'll need to do this because it has custom firmware on it to identify it as a SuperDrive. 5 minute job and saved yourself 15 pounds in the process.

Shameless plug - A big thank you to my favourite beer Estrella Damm for a brilliant weekend in Barcelona and the whole team at Tickets for a truly excellent evening :)


Finally I've just discovered the art of Patrick Vale. I love simple line drawing and this guy really does it well. Enjoy.

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