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In case you ever have the misfortune to encounter a product by the name of Evolution from Gemini-Systems

The product is based upon a legacy Paradox database that was originally designed for a single-user and then scaled-up to be 'network ready' by running the application from a network share and usingper-table file-locking as a multi-user mechanism.


Furthermore, the developer has only tested the software against Windows file servers and after extensive testing here it simply doesn't play well with Samba ruling outNetgear, Synology and many other Linux-derived NAS devices that are squarely targeted at exactly the size customer Evowin is supposed to be 'designed for'.

You'll also find that it only really looks good on 1024x768 screen resolution (or run in a window of that size). Fortunately Paradox tables are very easy to extract data from

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