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I've been a long term advocate of WordPress and have used it in one form or another for many years. However I've been increasingly falling out-of-love with it in recent months. This is for many reasons:

  • It's become too unwieldly. It was written as a blog engine, not a CMS, and it's sheer size and increasing plethora of customisation options makes for a GUI overload and simply too much diversifaction from what I want and need as a blogging engine.
  • It's simply insecure. I've been installing point updates on my own blog (and that of the others blogs I host) seemingly every week - however I have still found it is possible to hack the site and post malicious content. This is even with WordFence installed and configured correctly.
  • It's slow. I use a Cloud Hosting platform on shared storage. Probably as a result of the first point loading/saving/changing content around the site feels slow. Slowness doesn't inspire confidence that your long blog post won't be lost when hitting "Save"

So, I've left WordPress and moved to Bolt. Why?

  • It's a blog engine. It knows it's a blog engine and it does this one thing well. It provides self-hosting unlike Medium and many others.
  • It's secure. It has fewer endpoints to attack and it's written with security first, not retro-fitted (or reliant on third-parties to provide this functionality).
  • It's fast. Even using a file-based SQLite approach in my limited testing it outperforms WordPress on the same platform by at least 50%.

It might be a little rough round the edges for now, but long-term I'm confident that Bolt can deliver. Did I mention that I installed it in 30 seconds?

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